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Sometimes… you just stay home.

Happy Monday!

I genuinely hope you had a truly wonderful weekend. Mine was for resting, relaxing, and enjoying the company of the people around me… which was mostly just Diddle (my little girl), B (my growing boy… really- he’s taller than me), and my hubs, Chris.

The kids and I skipped church yesterday, which I don’t usually like to do, but it was just needed. Diddle slept until *ehemm* 10 AM! And well– that doesn’t happen. Ever. And I, for one, was not about to mess that up. B slept late, too, as growing nearly-teenagers do. And I got some reading done, a little house cleaning, and enjoyed my coffee in near silence, only hearing the birds sing and the squirrels chasing each other around the trees.

Sunday morning started off cool and cool air is not often heard of during late June in the thick of the Alabama bible belt. So we seized the opportunity to play outside in our p.j.’s before the hot and muggy set in.

Here we are in our natural habitat, hah!

(Notice the very dry, dead flower in the background. Summer, y’all.)

I realllly enjoyed spending the day being lazy, especially when our weeks seem to be getting busier and busier as the new school year approaches. Yes- I’m already thinking about school starting again. Only 42 more days left until summer vacay is over.

That means only 6 more weeks of sleeping in a little later during the week.

Only 6 more weeks of our beloved church daycare, where shirts are required, but shoes are not. (Diddle starts to Pre-K this year.)

Only 6 more weeks to read a copy of “The Giver” for the 8th grade English summer reading program.

Only 6 more weeks to fit in a trip to DC and a trip to the gulf coast.

Only 6 more weeks, y’all. 6 more.

And they’ll be gone before we know it.

But until then…. I think we’ll enjoy just a few more weekends spent just like this one, wishing for time to stand still.



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